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Operation Home! seeks property partners


Consider a person who has had stable employment for years, but their employer closes their doors for good, laying off the entire workforce. A rent increase of $200 a month for a senior on a fixed Social Security income. An unexpected illness that causes a person to not be able to work and sends them into a debt spiral of medical bills they cannot afford to pay. A household losing the primary income earner. These are just a few examples of situations that can cause or exacerbate episodes of homelessness in our community.

Through an initiative called Operation Home! a coalition of agencies is assisting people experiencing homelessness with rental assistance and supportive services. A key component to the success of the program is the need to secure ongoing partnerships with property partners, like homeowners, property managers, investors and developers to access affordable vacant units quickly.

Operation Home! is a community-wide effort designed to quickly and permanently house community members in Southern Nevada, who need a home. Local government partners include Clark County, city of Las Vegas, city of Henderson and city of North Las Vegas, which are working closely with a regional coalition that includes numerous service provider organizations, faith-based groups and corporate partners. All have come together to address Southern Nevada’s housing crisis under the auspices of Operation Home!

Along with providing rental assistance this program provides client-centered planning in conjunction with support services that include tenant specific case management, assistance with coordinating medical care such as physical and mental health services, behavioral health treatment and assisting people with regaining access to employment.

The demand for affordable rental homes has exceeded the current supply due to rising property values.

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